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The stars completely aligned for this GORGEOUS private estate wedding! I can not go on enough about the backyard where Lily and Ben were married. It was A…beautifully landscaped and B…large enough for a ceremony on one side of the yard, cocktail hour on the other, and a pool in the middle! Lily and Ben with the help of friends and family pulled off this stunning DIY wedding. Pretty much everything you see was created by them–from the flowers, to the pies, to the centerpieces. I am falling more in love with backyard weddings. They’re so intimate and romantic!

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 1

Lil was the most CHILL bride. What bride does their bridesmaid’s hair on THEIR wedding day! She is a wizard braider by the way…

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 4

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 3

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 7

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer `12

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 5Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 6

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 2

DIY Backyard Wedding 26

DIY Backyard Wedding 27

DIY Backyard Wedding 28

Once the bridal party and bride+groom were ready, we were on our way to the Bakersfield desert for their first look…no peeking!

DIY Backyard Wedding 30

DIY Backyard Wedding 31

DIY Backyard Wedding 32

Desert Wedding First Look 33 (3)Desert Wedding First Look 33Desert Wedding First Look 34

HoustonPhotographer_0180Desert Wedding First Look 35

HoustonPhotographer_0179Desert Wedding First Look 36

Desert Wedding First Look 33 (2)Desert Wedding First Look 37


Desert Wedding First Look 38Desert Wedding First Look 39




Can you tell Ben’s mom is a photographer???





This is why I love my job. This moment of Ben’s mom, Barb, watching her son watch his bride walk down the aisle makes my heart so happy!








DIY Backyard Wedding 19

DIY Backyard Wedding 21

DIY Backyard Wedding 20

DIY Backyard Wedding 16DIY Backyard Wedding 17DIY Backyard Wedding 22DIY Backyard Wedding 23DIY Backyard Wedding 24DIY Backyard Wedding 25

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 14DIY Backyard Wedding 18

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 10

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 8

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 9

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 11HoustonPhotographer_0196HoustonPhotographer_0197

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 13

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer 15


This picture makes me LOLOL! WHAT is going on here?!