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Ok guys. Are you ready for the most AWESOME (handmade!) wedding reception decor ever?! Kelsey and her family made pretty much everything for their reception. If you see something cute, they painted it, created it, or built it! Kelsey needs to design wedding receptions for a living…she’s SO talented! Also another fun fact…they were supposed to have an outdoor reception, and most of the decor was set up in Kelsey’s backyard. With the threat of rain, she decided to move it to the church. This was such a smart choice because it rained ALL day after their luncheon.

Check out their formals here: http://raetayphotography.com/2012/07/14/idaho-falls-wedding-photography-carson-and-kelseys-bridals/

If you’re deciding between taking pictures before your wedding or not, please DO IT! It seriously makes the day so much more relaxed, and the lighting is soo much more awesome!


AMAZING reception time…

I asked him why he wrote “payback beware” on the board. He said it took them over 4 hours to move all of reception decor into the gym!


Kristen and Doug’s wedding was located at Cool Water Creek in Boise, Idaho. It was such a cute western themed venue and everything in their wedding just fit the location. From the bridal party’s outfits, the boots, to the hats, I definitely felt like I was back home in good ol’ Texas! Thanks you guys for allowing me to capture your special day. It truly is an honor.


These two guys won the best dancers competition.

I’ve never seen someone SO excited to catch the garter!

No joke everyone at this reception were AWESOME dancers! It was SO fun to watch!

For every wedding, it literally takes every ounce of my body to not just get out on the dance floor and do my thang! I often find myself dancing with my camera while snapping away. Self control, Rach, self control…

Can you guess what song is playing??

This wedding was shot with a Nikon D800 24-70mm 2.8 and a 50mm 1.4 lens.

Second shooter used a Canon T2I 70-200 2.8.