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In our family, Halloween is the premier holiday. Usually, we have our costumes picked out months in advance, but this year was a struggle.  Stranger Things was an option since our daughter, Jada, can pull off the notorious “Eleven mean mug” better than anyone,  but that seemed like it would be a little over done. Yall, creative family costumes are TOUGH! 

Last week, after wrapping up season two of Narcos, Matt gave Jada’s curly hair an aggressive side part. Per usual, she came sprinting out of the tub into my arms, and in that moment I realized our child looks super similar to THE Pablo Escobar. Gustavo (Pablo’s cousin and bestie) was the obvious choice for Matt’s costume, and everything else fell in to place. Halloween is going to be amazing!

Shopping began where it always does, Amazon. What we quickly found out was to dress like a narco from the 80’s, Goodwill was the best option. Since somos banditos :), we even had a custom sweater made to match Pablo’s. 

A few things we learned along the way:

– Cigarettes are expensive

– Air soft guns look TOO real

– Goodwill isn’t as cheap as we thought

– Draw on mustaches look more realistic than tape on mustaches

– Skittles can make your two year old girl excited about wearing a mustache

Make sure to read till the end! There’s a surprise cameo!















All the kisses for Pablo!



Alina (the mama in these lovely photos) has always been an inspiration to me. You see, we grew up three houses down from each other in Texas. I was best friends with her little sis, Heather. Alina was the super cool, artsy older sister. There was also older sister, Crystal, who was equally as cool.:)She and Crystal probably don’t know this, but many times after playing at their house, I’d go home and try to copy their awesome bubble letters and rainbow drawings lol, so I could be, you know, super cool like them. My hubby and I actually just moved back to that same street two weeks ago, and I often think about all of the fun times I had in that house.:)Super random side note…the people who live in that house now were throwing, what I thought was an engagement party, so I strolled down there to find out when their wedding was to offer my services. I found out the wedding was the day after the party–the party was actually their rehearsal dinner. 😛 But, hey, never hurts to ask! I digress…enjoy some lovely photos from their session. Which, by the way, we were able to get 122 awesome shots in less than 30 minutes. We were hustlin!