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Mugleston has to be the coolest last name ever. You guys always make me laugh, and are such a fun familia.

Thanks for letting me take yalls family pictures this year!

I didn’t touch up Carly’s eyes AT ALL in Photoshop. They’re naturally that gorgeous.

Austin is normally very goofy and hilarious, so I was surprised to get this model-esque picture of him!

Sadie…I wish I dressed as cute as you when I was your age! 🙂

Levi: My husband dreams of being able to do that style with his own hair. NO joke.


Austin recently left on an LDS mission to my favorite place…TEXAS! See ya in two years!


Shayna is a SUPER mom. She goes to school, has two children, AND her husband just returned from months away at basic training. I can’t even imagine! I loved working with you guys!! 🙂