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Rexburg Photographer//Briggs Family

These little ones are growing up too fast! What impressed me the most during the Briggs’ session was Jaxton’s patience with his younger sis. When Hallie was having a tough time, Jaxton was so loving towards her. He never got frustrated it seemed like. And the same goes for you guys, Jace and Whit. You are amazing parents. Love you guys!!!


Love the faces, Jax and Hal 🙂

This picture tells the story of the evening for Ms. Hallie.

This is my favorite father son picture I’ve ever captured…ever!

Love this!

I was grabbing something from my camera bag, and when I turned around, this adorable moment was happening. Jax, I think you have a future in photography!

I think it’s a wonderful thing when you’ve been married for a while and have had kids, and you can STILL giggle when you look at each other. 🙂

We ended the night with a classic Pinterest fail, but it’s still too cute. Lol!



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